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Kat Matthews
née Rye 

Professional Triathlete.

British Army Elite Athlete

BSc Physiotherapy

BMC p/b 2XU Pro Team Athlete

Katrina Matthews is serving in the British Army currently supported to pursue performance as a Professional Long Distance Triathlete.

She previously served as a Physiotherapist Officer.



  • Lanzarote 70.3 - 1st 

  • IM WORLD CHAMPS, St George - 7th May: 2nd

  • Sub8 : 7hrs31 

  • Swansea 70.3 : 1st 

  • PTO Dallas 

  • KONA

  • TBC


  • Challenge Gran Canaria: 4th 

  • IM Tulsa: 2nd 

  • IM UK, Bolton : 1st 

  • Collins Cup: Match 6 Win - Team Win

  • WC 70.3 St George: 4th 



  • National 100mile Cycling TT: 1st; 3hrs55

  • Ironman 70.3 Tallinn: 1st - WC IM70.3 2021 Qual

  • PTO Outlaw X: 1st 

  • Ironman Florida: 1st ; 8:40:50 (3rd Fastest Ever British Female)                                  IM WC 2021 KONA Qual 


  • IM Western Australia: 4th Pro: 8hrs 53 Debu

  • World IM 70.3 Champs: 16th Pro 

  • ETU Middle Distance Champs: 1st Elite 

  • IM 70.3 Lahti, Finland: 2nd Pro

  • IM 70.3 Staffordshire: 3rd Pro

  • IM 70.3 Weymouth: 3rd Pro

  • Challenge Gran Canaria: 1st Amateur 


  • IM 70.3 Calgary, Canada: 1st 

  • England National Middle Distance Champs: 1st 

About Me

I took up triathlon in 2015, starting at the grassroots doing sprint and standard distances. Having raced at an amateur level at the World Age Group Champs (5th Overall) I decided to step up to Middle Distance the following season.  My first Middle Distance was IM 70.3 Calgary which I took the overall win at. From here I won the 2018 National Champs.  2019 saw my breakthrough to the Professional ranks securing four middle-distance podiums and 16th at the World IM 70.3 Champs, with only 4 months of full time training behind me.

2020: Head down and trained throughout focussing on the Ironman distance, this culminated in a course record at Ironman Florida with a sub 3hr off the bike marathon. Now I am ranked as the 3rd fastest ever British female. 

2021: Ironman Tulsa did not disappoint. Less than adequate swim, fought hard on the bike (outside of comfort zone), rewarded with a 2hr49 marathon (5th to 2nd). 

2022: Eyes on the prize - the Ironman World Championships. My debut. 


Tri-Oracle: Lasse Stengård Jensen and Kristsin Høgenhaug

Aired: 12 Nov 20

Fitter Radio: Bevan McKinnon

Aired: 25 Oct 20


Inside Tri Show: Helen Murray 

Aired: 16 Sept 20

Tri Talking Sport: Joanne Murphy 

Aired: 26 Aug 20

Oxygen Addict: Helen Murray 

Aired: 08 Jul 19

Ironman 703 Lanzarote 2022 Impressions-1133-2 Kopie
Race Ponder 2
James Mitchell Photography
run 1
post run chat
Kitchen prep 2
James Mitchell Photography
James Mitchell Photography
Ironman 703 Lanzarote 2022 Impressions-1514-2 Kopie
James Mitchell Photography
UKAF Leeds Finish: 34mins32sec
ready turbo
Inter-Counties XC 2019
Ironman 703 Lanzarote 2022 Impressions-1559-4 Kopie

BMC p/b 2XU Pro Triathlon Team

Lockdown Training: April- June 2020

Forces TV Clip - Julian Evans

Personal Supporters

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Tim Podlogar

Sports Nutrition


Forth Edge

Biomarker Analysis

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