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Stressful Situations

No one has the answers for us in this situation. There is high stress running globally through every individual and everyone is trying to work out what works for them. Now more than ever we need to have the self confidence to just be us and not succumb to the "teachings" of social media. Personally I often get carried away with social media influence and consider myself, my training, my body composition, my social life.. the list goes on. I think this is normal and sadly it is often not positive for anyone.

Please note this post is not meant to distract in anyway from the severity of the pandemic and my gratitude for everyone who is actively playing a part in helping others (not just the front line staff but every individual who is "playing the game" (doing their part for society and correctly physically distancing).

This week I have reflected upon the last year and noted I have felt this social media pressure throughout 2019 and yet what did I achieve - I surpassed every SMART goal I set myself irrelevant of the negative thoughts and depreciated self adequacy. Don't get me wrong I consider myself a confident person and my consistent and efficacious drive is to fulfil my potential as an athlete. This doesn't stop me (or perhaps you) having this influx of influence - but we can choose to attach our own positive emotions to this if we want.

My best friend summed up our mutual feelings recently on this so well.

'You do you' .

If you are following your government guidelines find your happy balance and be confident with that. For me, that is following my training programme (90% of it, some random fun thrown in too), a new habit/skill (Spanish lessons) and bigger picture self development in case I can help more with the pandemic (Physio CPD on respiratory conditions).

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